Sarajevo Photography Festival is presenting you a long form story telling narrative 3-day workshop with Tanya Habjouqa and Pierre Mohamed-Petit.

This unique session is designed for photographers eager to push their narrative boundaries and breathe new life into their projects.

This workshop offers a deep dive into experimental narrative photography, tailored for anyone ready to revolutionize their personal projects.

“Photography workshop that aims to shake your personal projects that are on pause because of insecurity or stress (or you never dared face) and find your inspiration and direct path to go deeper, more experimental, and render this project to motion.”

Together with Tanya Habjouqa and Pierre Mohamed-Petit, explore the ways you can move beyond a linear narrative and create a “felt experience”. Tanya’s work digs into the politics of the place as she blends competing narratives, and playing with them, through the use of evidentiary and metaphorical approaches. Pierre’s work explores the personal emotion, surrounding with personal experiences, mixing analog forms of archive from his work. With his deep experiences working with photographers and prestigious archives such as Magnum Photos and NOOR, he’ll share how the understanding the value of archives you may hold, from the personal to professional.

With Tanya and Pierre, you will move what has been traditional documentary into new terrains of the narrative. 
The workshop will be focusing on awareness and nurturing of personal vulnerability in developing an individual series. The workshops will cover reflection on narrative concepts, editing, consultation, a portfolio review, and a basis of as well as professional practice. Main focus of this workshop will be for photographers’ long-term project.
We will explore together what motivates you to do your project, storytelling and photographic strategies;
You will leave this workshop with an expanded scope of what photography is, and its transformative powers, and on the path to developing your personal style.

Apply here. The number of attendees is limited to 10.


Meet your instructors:

Tanya Habjouqa is an award-winning visual journalist and artist with a sharp focus on Middle Eastern politics and human rights. Known for her ethical and innovative narrative style, she explores themes of gender and dispossession. Tanya is the co-founder of Rawiya, the Middle East’s first all-female photography collective, and author of ‘Occupied Pleasures.’

• Pierre Mohamed-Petit is a French visual artist and the Digital Production Manager at Magnum Photos in Paris. Previously, he worked closely with renowned photographer Stanley Greene and led digital initiatives and global education programs at NOOR Images in Amsterdam.

Dates & time: May 27th – May 29th 2024, each day from 11:00h to 16:30h (lunch break included) at Ferhadija 25.

Places are limited to ensure a deeply engaging experience-secure your spot now!