Sarajevo Photography Award

and Sarajevo Photography Festival

Annual international competition and photography festival held in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The competition includes entries from various fields of photography. Each of the categories will be judged by an expert jury consisted of regional and internationally recognised photographers. Finalists and award-winning photographers will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at a major final exhibition in Sarajevo Vijećnica (city hall).

The Festival will host international photography experts and photographers from the entire region.

The festival is a platform for networking and the promotion of the photographers’ work, and it also provides possibility to exchange experiences and knowledge with other photographers.

In addition to the competition, a series of lectures and workshops will be held during the festival.

After the exhibition in Sarajevo, the prints will continue to travel to towns in BiH and are to be exhibited in many other galleries throughout the year.

The Organiser

The organizer of the competition and festival is the Association for the Affirmation and Promotion of Art “Friends of Art”.

Director: Aida Redzepagic

The Friends of Art Association (Udruženje ”Prijatelji Umjetnosti”) was founded in 2010 with the aim of presenting art, culture and all forms of artistic creation, promoting cultural life and urban events, promoting the work of young artists, gathering creatives and providing space for communication.

The goal of the founders is to connect photographers from all over BiH, region and wider, through festival activities in order to exchange their experiences and art.