Sarajevo Photography Award

and Sarajevo Photography Festival

Annual international competition and photography festival held in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo Photography Festival is an annual event that takes place in Sarajevo, captivating capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The festival celebrates contemporary photography from around the world, bringing together established and emerging photographers from around the world to showcase their innovative work.

Scheduled to take place in June 2023, the festival offers a dynamic range of activities, including exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and discussions, as well as portfolio reviews and networking events. The exhibitions, comprising solo and group shows, feature an extensive variety of photographic styles and techniques.

Furthermore, the festival offers workshops and lectures led by experienced photographers and industry experts. These sessions cover diverse topics, from technical skills to conceptual approaches, providing valuable insights into the broader photography landscape.

The Sarajevo Photography Festival aims to promote photography as an art form, encourage dialogue and exchange between photographers and audiences, and showcase the cultural richness and diversity. The SPF’s first edition, held in 2022, received submissions from 30 different countries, demonstrating its substantial international reach and its ability to attract photographers from diverse regions and backgrounds.

Each year, the festival has a different theme that serves as a basis for the exhibitions and events.

Winning an award at the Sarajevo Photography Festival can be a great accomplishment for photographers, as it can provide recognition and exposure for their work. Additionally, the festival offers an opportunity for photographers to connect with other artists and industry professionals.

The Sarajevo Photography Festival is a professional and emotional event that has become an essential feature of the cultural landscape of Sarajevo, showcasing the power of photography as an art form.

The Festival is organized by the Association Friends of Art and is supported by a number of local and international sponsors.


The Sarajevo Photography Festival’s theme and light motif for this year, “RESHAPE”, is a thought-provoking and relevant topic for artists and audiences alike. The theme of “reshape” implies a transformation or alteration in form, structure, or function, often involving the reconfiguration of existing materials or ideas.

Beyond its artistic implications, the theme of “reshape” takes on broader social and cultural significance. Given the upheaval we are witnessing on a global scale, the festival’s theme invites artists to explore and respond to critical issues and concerns such as wars and conflicts, the impact of technology, globalization, and climate change on our environment and daily lives.

Artists may approach the theme of “reshape” from different perspectives, offering a rich and diverse terrain for exploration and creative expression. Through this year’s theme, the Sarajevo Photography Festival seeks to create a platform for artists to engage critically with the pressing issues of our times, sparking dialogue and inspiring change.

Overall, the theme of “reshape” offers artists a rich and varied terrain for exploration and creative expression, and it can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the artist’s individual perspective and artistic practice.


Aida Redzepagic, director of the festival

Jelena Janković, program director

Adna Rokša, event manager