Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We welcome participation by any individual content creator at least sixteen (16) years of age or older, other than affiliates, employees of the organiser (”Friends of Art”) or any competition jury member.

Step 1: Create and verify your account and fill out your profile. Click here to get started.

Step 2: Complete your entry by uploading images.

Step 3: Pay for your entry. You will receive confirmation of your submission and payment via email. Your submission will be added to your artist profile.

We only accept photos taken in the last 4 years (2020-2024).

Yes, you own all the rights to your images after you submit them to any Sarajevo Photography Festival contest. We respect your rights as a photographer and artist, and we do not become the owner of your work when you submit an entry. We will not sell any entry to a third party. We will not claim any copyright or moral rights to your work submitted in the competition.

Please click here to see our terms of use to learn more about how we care about your intellectual property.

*We hold on to the right to exhibit your work at the Sarajevo Photography Festival, photo book of the festival, and/or at the exhibitions after.

If the same image is entered into multiple categories, that image will be judged as a separate entry for each category and will be considered based on its merits in those individual categories. We recommend that, for any images that you feel may work within multiple categories, that you consider entering them into multiple categories. We also encourage you to think outside of the box in your submissions.

You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. If you aren’t sure whether your entry has successful, please email [email protected].

Sarajevo Photography Award does not require your images to be exclusive to any of our contests or prohibit you from submitting the same image to another contest.


There are three types of fee, depending on how many categories you wish to submit your photos in.
The first fee is 15EUR (one category), the second is 25EUR (three categories), and the final one is 30EUR (you may submit your photos in all categories).

Entry fees are non-refundable.

We use submissions to administer and promote the competition. If we are to use your image, anytime we display your entry, we will credit you as the owner of that image.

For more information, please visit our Terms of Use.

Please submit your images using the following format. Any images that do not adhere to the following format will not be accepted as submissions.

We accept images created on film, digital camera or your mobile phone, in any orientation such as square, portrait, or landscape.

JPEG file types only.

Maximum file size 10MB

Minimum dimension of 4000 pixels on the longest edge


You are not required to name your image files in any particular manner prior to uploading.

You may apply with a single photo or a series, depending on a category:

Documentary, series of 4 to 6 photos.

Portrait, single photo or a series up to 4 photos.
Fashion, single photo or a series up to 4 photos.
Conceptual, single photo or a series up to 4 photos.
Mobile, single photo or a series up to 4 photos.

Landscape, single photo.
Wedding, single photo.
Life, single photo.

When judging a series, the judges will take into consideration the coherence and narrative of the photographs as a whole.

You may apply again only if the photo was not listed in the finale of the previous year’s selection or won an award at Sarajevo Photography Festival.

All entries must be original photographs taken by the participant, and must not have been altered or enhanced by any form of AI technology.

Entries that are found to have been created using AI technology will be disqualified.