Adna, Ajla and Benjamin – are a group of friends and artists who created a platform for artistic production and education with a mission to create a better future.
Adna Muslija is Curator of Gallery Manifesto. She holds a M.A in Painting and Art Education.
Ajla Salkić, Marketing Designer of Gallery Manifesto, holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, and has 10+ years of professional experience in the fields of Marketing, Design, and Photography. 

Benjamin Čengić, Director of Gallery Manifesto, started investigating his surroundings and society through painting graffiti in his early age. He graduated Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo on the department for Production and Management.

He founded a street art festival “FASADA”. He is a street artist, educator and activist always in search of new ways of expressing his mission of making the world a better place.