Book promotions

The second Sarajevo Photography Festival ended with amazing book promotions that took place at the Goethe Institute and History Museum in Sarajevo

Croatian author Petra Slobodnjak presented her book, “DISPLACEMENT”.
Slovenian photographers Matjaž Rušta and Katja Goljat, unveiled their collaborative work titled “Skriðusögur”. Through their lens, they explored the art of visual storytelling, presenting a collection that captured the essence of diverse narratives and perspectives.

In a parallel event at the History Museum of BiH, Filip Koludrović shared his literary creation, ‘I have never been to America’. This unique presentation added a different dimension to the festival.

The choice of locations, with the Goethe Institute and the History Museum of BiH, added a touch of cultural significance to the book promotions. Attendees had the opportunity not only to engage with the authors and photographers but also to explore the intersections between literature, photography, and history. These book promotions proved to be integral components of the Sarajevo Photography Festival, offering a diverse and immersive experience for all those passionate about the arts.