Hana Knizova “Mothers”

Location: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date of the exhibition: 24.06.2023.

Photographer Hana Knížova’s series Mothers offers a bittersweet insight into the role of a mother from the postpartum period to young adolescence. Messy hair, painful nipples and constant company as a drastic change in lives without fixed poses.

As the author is close to the subjects she photographs and photographs some of them in different periods of time, it is convincing to gradually observe the mother’s projection of their attitude towards the upbringing of the offspring and to witness how certain features of the mother’s personality become more and more present, suddenly appear or even disappear in this new mother-child dynamics.

Hana Knížová is a Czech photographic artist working in London and Prague. Her work reflects numerous visions of youth and interpersonal relationships, illustrated through conceptual and intimate series of portraits.

In this ongoing series, I document my friends’ take on their new roles – being mothers. I often explore a strange form of confidence and easiness gained via motherhood.

Since I am close with most of my subjects, I photograph them through the years and watch them grow.” 

The exhibition was organised with the help of European Union in BiH and Czech Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.