The exhibition of Zula Rabikowska in History Museum of BiH

The exhibition “Nothing but a Curtain and Scared to Love” by Zula Rabikowska opened the second edition of Sarajevo Photography Festival in Sarajevo in front of the History Museum in Sarajevo. The project investigates the consequences of the fall of communism in the former “Eastern Bloc”, which are reflected on gender-specific segregation in the labor market. This led to the “feminization of poverty” and the economic division between men and women. Growing up in Central and Eastern Europe meant dealing with male-dominated political systems, sexist stereotypes, restrictive beauty standards… To shed light on these issues, the artist embarked on a journey spanning 4,552 miles (7,325.80 km) across the former “Eastern Bloc along with the famous “Iron Curtain”. So she photographed and interviewed 104 people about their personal experiences of gender and feminism. Through this project, Zula Rabikowska aims to show how women and non-binary people from Central and Eastern Europe are represented and contribute to the discussion about borders and gender identity in the 21st century.

The exhibition was organised with the help of Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Union in BiH, and in collaboration with BH Povorka ponosa.