The second edition of the Sarajevo Photography Festival opened in Vijećnica

The second edition of the Sarajevo Photography Festival opened it’s programme in Vijećnica (June 2023.). In three days, the festival hosted 5 exhibitions in different open and closed locations in the city, the participants had the opportunity to listen to 10 lecturers, 2 workshops, panel discussions and 3 book promotions.

The Grand Prix and 2.00 EUR was won by Armin Graca, a photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the presence of distinguished artists, celebrities, and media partners, this event represented the beginning of a cultural weekend.

The exhibition was opened by Aida Redžepagić, the director of the Sarajevo Photography festival, and the guests were addressed by the mayor Benjamina Karić, who emphasized that Sarajevo is an indispensable stop for lovers and great masters of photography, and an important festival center.

– Sarajevo Photography Festival becomes a platform for knowledge exchange and networking of photographers, not only from the Balkans but also from beyond. The works received from such a large number of countries bring enormous variety to the festival and exhibition, and an insight into different cultures, aesthetics and current topics on the world photography scene – said the director of the festival, Aida Redžepagić.

In extremely strong competition from more than 2,400 received works from 450 photographers from 45 different countries, after a thorough review and judging, the expert jury chose the finalists in eight categories of the competition – the Sarajevo Photography Festival announced.

The Grand Prix of Sarajevo Photography Festival 2023 was won by Armin Graca from Bosnia and Herzegovina with a photograph from the Life category. The Grand Prix prize of this year’s Sarajevo Photography Festival is 2.000EUR.

In the Documentary category, Mitar Simikić (BiH) won first place, Mario Heller (Germany) took second place, and Oleksandr Rupeta (Ukraine) took third place.

In the Fashion category, Renata Brzić (Serbia) won the first place, Nika Mokoš (Croatia) won the second place, and Grzegorz Piotrowski (Poland) won the third place.

The award for the best landscape photography went to Marcin Giba (Poland), second place went to Kristjan Stepančić (Slovenia), Mario Županović (Croatia).

The award for the best photo in the Life category went to Armin Graca (BiH), second place went to Cenk Bayirli (Turkey), while third place went to Diana Junaković (Croatia).

The award for the best conceptual photography went to Ana Sašić (Canada), second place went to Zsuzsanna Fodor (Romania), and third place went to Elsa Pizzutto (Italy).

In the Mobile category, the first prize went to Dženat Dreković (BiH), the second place went to Engin Guneys (Turkey), and Andreja Ravnak (Slovenia) took the third place.

The award for the best portrait photography went to Grzegorz Piotrowski (Poland), second place went to Madison Tuff (Canada), third place went to Engin Guneys (Turkey).

The most prominent photo in the Wedding category was by author Dina Joldić (BiH), second place went to Midhat Mulabdić (Croatia), and third place went to Ivan Ćurić (BiH).

The Sarajevo Photography Festival lasts until June 25 and offers rich content, many exhibitions, lectures, workshops and panel discussions.

Entrance to all contents of the Sarajevo Photography Festival is free.